Hi, I'm Philip Lundgren

I am a Graphic Designer, an Innovator, an Advertiser, a Team Member

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What I do

Innovative ideas

Thanks to my wide range of experience in education in different countries and exposure to different culture, I have an ability to think in ways that not many people do, and make something that is truly interesting.

New solutions

New stuff comes out every day. I always make an effort to stay up to date on the latest technology and the most recent design software, making sure that what I do is current and attractive to our customers.


I will make sure we find the best way to do whatever our project entails - and that both you, me, and the customer is satisfied with what I design. This includes not just meeting the requirements, but exceeding them.


  • Born on May 23 1995

    Sweden: birthplace of IKEA, ABBA, and Philip. My home town Östersund is farther north than Anchorage in Alaska (#viking). It is also tiny, with a population of around 50 thousand people.

  • Early Years

    I grew up in a typical Swedish family with my mom, dad, brother, and sister in a typical Swedish red house with white trim.

    When I was young, I always seemed to strive towards nice looking things, and I was a true perfectionist. Unlike other kids I was not so interested in sports and such. Although I was often very excited to go to school, and was very academically inclined, traditional academics was never my end goal. I to this day remember my dreams that spawned from my favorite computer games - I wanted to work with designing and styling cars. Did that happen? No. But it sure was a start.

  • High School

    Storsjögymnasiet, Östersund, Sweden | 2011-2014

    Now - I could tell you about the Swedish education system, but all you need to know is that we have a concentration in High School. I studied Digital Media, which is where I picked up a lot of the basics of design – including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Photography, and so on.

    With the variety of work, I realized I wanted to go into advertising. One of my teachers, who is an LIU Post alumnus, helped me make the biggest decision of my life. With that I extended my adventures across the big pond in the west, and continued to follow my dreams.

  • Freelance

    While I was in school I had other side projects going on, which gave me work experience early in my life, and gave me a taste of what was to come. These are the two major ones:

    Loxy Soft | 2014

    A call center solutions provider who I worked with to rework their public image, with a modified logo and updated graphical profile.

    Regional EU Council | 2013

    I designed a logo for merchandise for the local Swedish EU election. Through a selection process I was chosen out of four designers.

  • Graduated June 2014

  • Bachelors of Fine Arts - Digital Arts and Design

    Long Island University CW Post, Brookville, NY | 2014-2017

    With a GPA of 3.99 I have completed courses such as Advertising Design, Publication Design, Desktop Video, Computer Layout, and Website Design to mention a few. I’ve gained extensive knowledge on all things design, and connected with professors thanks to my passion in the field.

    I have been on the Dean’s List since my first semester, gotten awarded the O’Malley Grant for outstanding work in my major, and gotten inducted into the honors societies Phi Eta Sigma (ΦΗΣ) and Gamma Sigma Alpha (ΓΣA). I am also a founding father of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, which has given me a lot of leadership experience and made me grow significantly.

  • Bigbuzz Marketing Group

    Design Intern, Manhattan, NY | Summer 2016

    Bigbuzz is an advertising agency dealing with multiple clients such as Garanimals, Honeywell, and NEFCU to mention a few. I worked on the design team with all kinds of advertising design such as website and social media content, posters, and other marketing material, working closely with the project team to translate ideas into creative content. I brought new design ideas to the agency that are now used in their monthly retainers.

    While working at Bigbuzz I got a huge insight into the business of advertising, and a lot of professional experience. This is because Bigbuzz is a rather small agency, where I got hands-on with real projects and was offered the unique opportunity to sit in on meetings with clients’ marketing reps, and even CEO’s.

  • Teaching Assistant

    Website Development, LIU Post, Brookville, NY | Spring 2017

    As one of the most outstanding web design students I was offered to become a Teaching Assistant for Website Development 1, helping students with HTML and CSS, including Bootstrap frameworks and JavaScript implementation.

  • Graduating May 2017


Praise or critique, offer me a job if you like what you see, or just drop a line to say hi!